nr.5 Organic Honduras & Peruvian Blend Fairtrade


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nr.5 Organic Honduras and Peruvian Blend

Richly satisfying, our nr.5 Organic Honduras and Peruvian Blend makes relaxing with a coffee so much simpler. With a half-decade of expertise in our Peruvian blend, you can really taste the experience in every drink. The Peruvian angle really adds to the flavour of the coffee, and is the result of the Cooperativa Agraria Cafetalera La Florica, or CAC La Florida. Their hard work to create fairer conditions since 1966 leads to the kind of deep, fruity, almost floral drink.

The result of their co-operation has been fairer working conditions for all, leading to the best coffee prices. With the stress lifted from workers, they can concentrate on creating a beautiful, full body coffee that really hits the back of the throat. If you like your coffee with a difference, this blend makes that easy.

But that’s not all – the happy mixture with our Honduran blend creates a truly harmonious mixture. Honduran coffee is known for its satisfying, creamy taste – especially those managed by COCAFELOL. They are the main body that protects coffee workers in Honduras, and the result is coffee made to hit the right spot. Just as in Peru, they take the pressure off the workers to just concentrate on creating coffee that leaves you with a taste you won’t find elsewhere.

We use the ripest mixture to help create a coffee that works in ideal harmony with our Peruvian mixture. This happy combination creates a coffee that is ethical, made with honesty, and captures the true heart of coffee from America. If you like your coffee to carry a beautiful contrast, be sure to try nr.5!

The perfect coffee blend for artisans

This is premium, fair trade coffee that retains all of the richness, vastness, and beauty of the original product. This mix of some of the best Peruvian and Honduran coffees creates a beautiful contrast that we’re sure your taste buds will enjoy!

This is a popular blend that manages to balance together two of the most passionate coffee cultures on the planet into one blend. The result? A coffee that can be enjoyed at any time of day, for any occasion. This allows for the most powerful and natural process to come to life. It also ensures that the all-important taste that you’ve grown to love shines through with every sip that you make!

  • Stunning coffee blended together from organic Peruvian and Honduran mixes.
  • Fairtrade coffee that comes with a richly satisfying taste that’s hard to shake.
  • Amazing quality and depth in the flavour make this a great coffee for occasions.
  • A happy mixture of fruity acidity and creamy lemon that leaves a taste on the tongue.
  • Hits the taste buds and leaves you mouth with a tangy, enjoyable aftertaste.
  • An ideal blend to use at just about any time of the day that you desire.

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250g, 500g, 1kg

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Aeropress, Cafetiere, Espresso Machine, Filter, Stove Top, Whole Beans


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