nr.1 House Blend


Altitude: 1,350m
Tasting Notes: Comes with a nutty, chocolatey texture that leaves the most satisfying aftertaste.

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nr.1 House Blend

For coffee lovers who love a rich, nutty coffee, this is the place to start. Our House Blend has become a popular choice for many coffee lovers. A rich chocolatey taste helps to give the coffee another layer of flavour, while the deep aroma that it lets off really lingers in the nose – in a good way.

Our House Blend coffee is the perfect place to start for those who love a satisfying and sensational tasting cup of coffee. It’s a fine choice and is made using a blend of two powerful coffee mixes. We use Brazilian Ipanema Estateand Honduras La Paz, Marcela coffee. This mixture creates a rich and wholly satisfying taste that is easy on the tongue and leaves you wishing you only had more of it to drink.

House Blend Coffee Made for Maximum Enjoyment

The Brazilian Ipanema Estate coffee has a long history in the industry, stretching back to 1969. This form of coffee has become a specialty among Brazilians as well as those who enjoy richer, more satisfying coffee drinks. They’ve got a host of certification for their three primary coffee farms (Fazenda Conquista, Fazenda Rio Verde and Fazenda Capoeirinha) and are committed to a lasting, hearty quality in their drinks.

The other coffee that we use, Honduras La Paz, Marcela, is a reputed name in Honduran coffee circles. This blend is the result of a Honduran government approved mission to try and improve coffee quality within the nation. The result is a Strictly High Grown (SHG) coffee that’s grown at high altitude, around 1,350m.

When grown at high altitudes and low temperatures, the coffee bean becomes richer and denser, creating a specialist kind of coffee that is so easy to enjoy. By using a European Preparation (EP) system, too, this is a coffee that carries only the best beans in each cup. All unwanted material and/or defective beans are caught, removed and filtered out during creation.

The end result? A stunning blend of coffee that tastes fantastic, utilising the rich tastes in each blend to create something that really leaves you with a taste on the tip of the tongue. The perfect coffee product for coffee lovers who appreciate a richness in taste and a decadence that lingers on the tongue.

  • Made from Brazilian Ipanema Estate and Honduras La Paz, Marcela blends.
  • Comes with a nutty, chocolatey texture that leaves the most satisfying aftertaste.
  • Balanced espresso taste with ample power in each bean to give you satisfaction.
  • Lasting aroma helps to populate your house with a scent that sticks around.

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250g, 500g, 1kg

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Aeropress, Cafetiere, Espresso Machine, Filter, Stove Top, Whole Beans


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