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Every month, we are proud to pick out a coffee that we see as our ‘Coffee of the Month’ – the kind of blend that is hard to forget in any given time of the year. Well, one of our most popular blends at the moment is our 2016/17 Dhilgee Lot 4 blend from Ethiopia. This blend, fully washed during processing, arrives as one of the richest and most satisfying coffees to try out and to drink for any coffee lovers out there.

It’s a coffee that many have grown to love due to the rich toffee-like sweetness that it gives off. Thanks to the work of Israel Degfa, we have a stunning coffee that comes with a very satisfying taste – partly due to the intensive washing processes that it undergoes. With such a rich period of separation put into this Coffee of the Month, we know that the quality of work that goes into making this sweet coffee come to life in the mouth has been to the very highest standard.

This coffee mix is an interesting one, bringing together work of hundreds of smallholder farmers who deliver small amounts of cherries which are then turned into the coffee you are going to be drinking. Thanks to the work that goes into the processing at the wet mill in Kerrecha – Mokansia, this comes out the other side tasting of supreme strength, style, and quality – and that rich variety of origins helps to create a very unique tasting coffee.

Part of the joy of this particular brand of coffee for some is the almost tea-like structure of the taste. Like many Ethiopian teas, this comes with a very interesting taste to the taste, with a delicate and lasting aftertaste that lingers long in the mouth. It’s also got a relatively mild note of chamomile and even prune, so you can pick up a nice taste profile when drinking this!

Our Coffee of the Month for June

  • When you drink a cup of this coffee, you are picking up a coffee with origins from all across the Kerracha region.
  • Processed and managed at Kelonso Mokonsia washing station, run by Israel Degfa, known for their immense washing and processing quality.
  • Rich, fully-washed Heirloom variety coffee that caries a tea-like taste that lingers on the tongue and leaves you with a taste that is very hard to forget.
  • Created with an almost honey-like texture in some cases, creating a much smoother and richer blend of coffee that can make every morning more energising.
  • Cared for in the best possible washing stations, and in the richest, reddest of soil for the best possible results.
  • Undergoes a thorough washing, cleaning, and drying process to create a blend that has been part of a weeks-long process.


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