GRIND: Coarse

BREWING : 6 to 8 minutes depending on Cafetiere size.

RATIO: 7.5g per 100ml water (75mg per 1 litre)

  1. Grind the Coffee just before you start brewing. Be sure to weigh the coffee first.

Boil a Kettle of fresh water.

Place Cafetiere on the Scales and weigh out the desired amount (in this case 75g for 1 Litre of Coffee).

4. Pour in the desired amount of water (in this case 1 litre).

5. Allow the Coffee to steep for 3 minutes. Whilst this is happening the coffee grinds will rise to form a crust.

6. After 3 minutes using a large spoon give the contents a good stir. After stirring you’ll notice the grinds sinking to the bottom of the Cafetiere.

7. Allow another 3 minutes for the grinds to fully settle.

8. Place the Plunger in the top of the Cafetiere planning only to just below the water line but do not plunge fully. Plunging would cause turbulence stirring up the grinds at the bottom. Instead we are using the plunger as a filter as we pour.

9. Pour the coffee slowly through the filter into your cup.

10. Enjoy your coffee as you like it adding milk to suit taste.